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Rehab Connections holds a reputation of having a loyal relationship with clients founded on their availability and integrity.

Throughout the years, we have built a team of professionals who continue to thrive in making Rehab Connections a pillar in its field. Whatever your needs may be, we offer a service that will always meet your expectations.

We offer a full range of safe and effective forms of treatment for all your health care needs. We do our best to offer the latest in natural health advancements to help our patients live active lives.

Rehab Connections welcomes you.


Scott came in with a sore quad tendon and swelling. After coming in for Trigenics®, Kinesio Taping, Laser Pain Therapy, and Chiropractic services 2-3 times per week for about 4 weeks he was fully active again, claiming 100% improvement in Range of Motion, Strength, and overall comfort. Here’s what he had to say about Rehab Connections: “Good Plan – Regular treatments – it worked! And unlike conventional medical system – it was available right away!”


Lunia felt that she would never get better and live without pain. She was unable to work, which worried her very much. After 4 visits, receiving Trigenics®, Laser Pain Therapy, and Chiropractic services, she was able to move about without the terrible pain she was used to feeling; after 5 visits, she regained most of her strength; and, in time, her comfort level went up to 100%! Lunia had this to say about her experiences with Rehab Connection: “If it hadn’t been for Rehab Connections, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I can run, walk long distance without pain, and I also get my housework done. I sleep well at night.”


Andrew came to see Dr. Chiu at Rehab Connections after a workplace injury. Since receiving 10 treatments of Trigenics® and Chiropractic services, his Range of Motion has increased tremendously- by about 80-90%! His overall day to day function has improved. Andrew says: “Rehab Connections has helped me sleep better and I find I have more energy.


Blair is a long time maintenance patient who comes in for regular adjustments with the ProAdjuster. He states it has always helped him maintain proper back alignment. More recently, Blair has received Laser Therapy treatments in our clinic for his Tennis Elbow. Each and every time when he leaves he can feel the difference- the pain is lessened and his range of motion is improved. Upon coming in to one of his treatments he told us “The other day I was playing a round of golf and I shot the ball about 20 yards farther than I ever have!”


A long time maintenance patient, Mike prefers the ProAjuster to the traditional method of chiropractic adjustments. He says it “takes the crunch out of the adjustments”. Having experienced manual adjustments for years, he feels with the ProAdjuster, its much easier. His work is even easier, too! Mike says Rehab Connections staff is friendly and very knowledgeable, making our clinic a great place to learn about health issues.


Ryan is a very active young man who especially enjoys playing baseball. He came into our clinic after his father had started treatments with us and enjoyed it so much he recommended his son come in, too. Ryan has tried many other methods of relief, even other chiropractors, and has told us that of all the past attempts to correct his lower back pain and tight muscles, the ProAdjuster has had the most positive results.


Not long before coming into our clinic for the first time, Terrie had fractured her neck. She could barely move her neck. After six treatments of our Laser Therapy, movement became much easier. Her strength improved by 75% after 15-18 treatments. It has allowed her to return to all the daily activities she enjoys and feels that her body is more balanced now. “Dr. Chiu has helped me understand my recovery process in a way that my doctor did not.”


Tony came into our clinic with back pain, neck pain, and sciatica as well as having experienced numbness in his left foot for four years. He has found his numbness progressively dissipating over time, and feels a lot better overall. Our treatments helped him tremendously more than all of his years of physiotherapy. He has told us: “I’ve had previous experiences with a chiropractor and I didn’t like it. But with Trigenics and the ProAdjuster, I found something after a long time that really works.”

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