Injury & Chiropractic Wellness
83 Davis Dr. Newmarket, ON L3Y 2M9
(@Persechini Fitness Centre)

207321 Hwy #9
(at Heartlake Road), RR#5,Orangeville, Ontario
L9W 2Z2
(@ A.C.T.S. Fitness)


Our Mission

Be the connection and provider of the most advanced, effective, and natural therapies available to patients in our community.

Our Doctor

Dr. Steven Chiu, DC, RTP

Dr. Chiu is a graduate amongst the top of his class at Parker Chiropractic College in Dallas, Texas, one of the most prestigious Chiropractic Schools in the world. He has provided exceptional care for patients in the communities of Orangeville and Newmarket for over 9 years, incorporating the latest technological instruments and therapies available in Injury Rehabilitation and Chiropractic Wellness, Advanced Therapy for Active Living. His has a special interest in sport injury treatments and is able to emphasis therapies that include all aspects of health like diet, nutrition, exercise, ergonomics, and activities of daily living. As an active community speaker at various local businesses and venues, Dr. Chiu has a passion for educating and empowering his patients with the most up-to-date information in health. This will allow all his patients to continue to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle.

Our Advanced Therapy Services:

  • ProAdjuster® Chiropractic
  • Trigenics® Muscle Re-education / Re-activation Therapy
  • TheraLASE® Laser Pain Therapy
  • Cranial Adjusting Turner Style (C.A.T.S.)
  • ProPosture Program
  • Footmaxx™ Custom Orthotics / Footwear
  • Natural Remedies - Heel & Metagenics

Our Locations

Newmarket: 83 Davis Drive (next to Persechini’s fitness)
Newmarket, Ontario
L3Y 2M9
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Orangeville: 207321 Hwy #9 (A.C.T.S. Fitness at Heartlake Road), RR#5
Orangeville, Ontario
L9W 2Z2
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Our Clinic Hours

Newmarket: 8:30am – 6:00pm Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Saturday Mornings by appointment.
Orangeville: 8:30am – 6:00pm Wednesdays and Fridays

Our Contact Info

Newmarket: 83 Davis Drive, Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 2M9
Tel: (905) 898-3500
Orangeville: 207321 Hwy #9 (at Heartlake Road), RR#5, Orangeville, Ontario L9W 2Z2
Tel: (519) 941-7700

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